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The Soul Searchers: Three Stories


The Soul Searchers: Three Stories

The Soul Searchers: Three Stories comprises three short films that explore the mystery, the unexpected, the joy and the pain of the human soul.  
Get Thee Behind Me is a humorous period piece set in the 1970s. A preteen boy, Jeremiah, contemplates the mysteries of spirituality and a budding attraction to the opposite sex.   
Two Pink Dots? You Positive? is inspired by the hip-hop poetry of Paul Beatty. This surreal story follows the emotional journey of teenage mother, Sarah, through her unexpected pregnancy.   
Middle Skin (joy and pain) plunges into the depths of the enduring, but unhappy, union of long married Hezekiah and Cat Jones, as Hezekiah is jolted into confronting the pain and hurt that has become the substance of their relationship. 


2008 East Lansing Film Festival   
2008  Athens International Film Festival   
2008 International Black Cinema, Berlin
2008 Urban World Film Festival   


Get Thee Behind Me
Jeremiah – Arthur Williams III
Esperanza – Miranda Inzunza
Jeremiah’s Mother -  CeCelia Birt
Jeremiah’s Grandmother – Mignonne Radja
Miss Lillian Jr. -  Gwendolyn Murray
James – Demarco Woodard
Josh – Kimani Hamilton-Wray

Two Pink Dots? You Positive?
Sarah – Ginneh Thomas
Gabriel – Hassan Malouf
Baby – Sahlah Muhammad
Teen Mother Facilitator – Keesa Muhammad
Reece – Mercio Goenha
Supreme – Jeffrey Omura
Steve – Alex Seaman
Doctor – Lois Simon
Nurse #1 -  Jasmine Hamilton-Wray
Nurse #2 – Falyne J. Fry
Nurse #3 – Sameerah Shareef

Middle Skin (joy and pain)
Hezekiah Blue – Jonathan WrayCathrine Jones Blue – Regina Riddle
Luna – Victoria Curry
Angel #1 – Maureen N. Eke
Angel #2 – Ronald De Suze
Little Boy – Donavan Wray
Polished Woman – Vanessa Cunningham
Large Man – Lamont E. Clegg 


Director – Jeffrey C. Wray
Writer – Jeffrey C. Wray
Producer – Tama Hamilton-Wray
Producer – Charla Yingling
Director of Photography – Ricardo Restrepo
Sound Engineer – Marlowe Taylor
Production Designer – Fred Engelgau
Location Scout – Bruce Bennett
Costume Designer - Bernadine Vida
Production Coordinator – Khadija Brockington
Music - Gumbi Ortiz

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Partially funded by the National Black Programming Consortium and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with additional support from the Kittredge Foundation