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Songs for My Right Side


Songs for My Right Side (Digital, color, 30 min.) 2020

The short narrative film tells the story of published author and college professor Rodger Smith who was living a near model life - a beautiful wife and a successful career – until he made one transgression. Now his wife of 25 years, Josephine, has left him and he’s suffering from an affliction to the right side of his body. Rodger’s new friendship with a mysterious African émigré adds to the uncertainty as he attempts to pull his life back together.
Songs for my Right Side features accomplished stage actor Bruce “Rico” Wade as Rodger. Rico is noted for his lead roles in the Williamston Theatre presentation Blue Door and the Capital Area Players production of Fences as well as being a well-known stand up comedian. Gwen Murray, who has appeared on Law and Order and HBO’s Homicide, takes on the lead female role, Josephine. 


2019 Black in the Middle symposium


Rodger Smith - Rico Bruce Wade
Josephine Smith - Gwen Murray
Nikki - Teri Brown
Rachel - Amanda Williams
Diego - Joshua Smith
Hooded Man – Jeffrey C. Wray
Doctor – Aral Gribble
Fabian - Sineh Wurie
Janice - Lisa Brewer
Suited Man 1 - Kenneth Nelson, Jr.
Suited Man 2 – Desmond Morgan


Director/Writer – Jeffrey C. Wray

Producer – Tama Hamilton-Wray

Producer – Charla Yingling

Director of Photography - Joe “Jody” Williams

Sound – Chris Caudle

Editor - Devon Collins

Special Thanks

Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters Residential College in the Arts and Humanities