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BLAT! Pack Live


BLAT! Pack Live (Digital, 35 min., 2016)

BLAT! Pack Live is a short music and concert documentary featuring an emerging hip-hop music collective with roots in Lansing and Detroit, Michigan. This film highlights the impulse of African-rooted hip-hop and spoken word as a creative weapon. Using a four-camera set up and dynamic audio, this film captures the energy and exuberance of BLAT! Pack's young and talented performers, Yellokake, Joshua Smith and Phourthelove. The film comprises footage of the live Commonground Festival performance, interviews, rehearsals, pre-show, and post show to emphasize the creative musical process and share an understanding of the uniquely American art form of hip hop.  


2016 BLAT! Night Out, Lansing  
2016 Capital City Film Festival, Lansing


Jahshua Smith

Judson Branam IV - Drums
Olin Clark - Guitar
Jenna Henderson - Keyboards
Endea Owens - Bass


Producer - Tama Hamilton-Wray
Director - Jeffrey C. Wray
Editors - Devon Collins
Co-Editor - Annette Gianino
Camera -Annette Gianino
Camera - Curtis Matzke
Camera - Sam McQueen
Camera - Jared Milburn
Sound - Chris Caudle
BLAT! Pack Posters & Art -Sean Mack

Special Thanks

Michigan State University (MSU)
MSU College of Arts & Letters
MSU Department of English
MSU Film Studies Program
Advanced MultiMedia  

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