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Songs for My Right Side


Digital, color, 30 min. 2020

The  vague description of a murder suspect, “a black man in a hoodie,”  brings together an African-American college professor, who has  recklessly compromised his marriage, and an undocumented Gambian man,  who longs for home and the family he left behind. 

BLAT! Pack Live


Digital, color, 35 min. / 20 min. 2016 

Music  documentary features emerging community-based and formally trained  artists who demonstrate the collaborative impulse, the multi-cultural  reach and multi-genre influences of African American musical art forms,  hip-hop and neo-soul. 

The Evolution of Bert


16mm film, B/W, 75 min. 2015

Bert,  a first generation Black college student, struggles to define himself.  Distancing himself from his true love Nita, Bert dives into campus life,  music and the pursuit of other women. But still, visions of his future  weigh heavy on his soul. A witty, poignant, surreal mediation on a young  man becoming.



Super 16mm film, color, 60 min. 2003

Based  on a short story by National Book Award winner, Charles Johnson, this  short feature explores a middle-aged African American married couple as  they struggle to redefine their relationship following the husband’s  health crisis and spiritual awakening. 

The Soul Searchers: Three Stories


Super 16mm film, color, 60 min. 2007

Three  short films addressing the internal conflicts of a young boy wrestling  with his budding sexuality and his religious beliefs; a teenage girl  coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy; and an adult man struggling  with his purpose in life 

In Development



Screenplay - Drama, 88 pages 

Set  in a small Ohio town in 1964, this coming of age story follows Jesse  Roosevelt, a young black teenager, as he comes to understand his  family’s legacy of resistance against racial violence in the south and  much closer to home. 

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